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2020-01-27 11:43:02
10 Articles About Tooele Real Estate From Berna Sloan

10 Articles About Tooele Real Estate From Berna Sloan

Selling a home in Tooele UT
Selling a House in Tooele UT

This post,”10 articles about Tooele Real Estate from Berna Sloan” is a little misleading. It’s misleading on at least 2 fronts.

  1. Each article was not written by Berna, they were sent to her from Chris on his lighter side of real estate blog.
  2. The tips were NOT written specifically about Real Estate in Tooele. She curated those pieces that she thought could be pertinent to Tooele home buyers/sellers, reposted to her blog, and sent them to you.

In spite of the name of the originator of these of these tips, (lighter side) we don’t think for one second that we think that real estate in Tooele County is a laughing matter. But we think these post will be entertaining as well as helpful.

These are the topics you can click on. ENJOY!

  • 20 Faces Every Real Estate Professional Will Recognize.
  • 9 Ways To Make A Real Estate Agent Cry.
  • Home Sellers Appeal To First Time Home Buyers
  • Homebuyers Expected To Be Active in Tooele in January
  • 4 Resolutions To Improve Your Home
  • Home Owners miscalculate Cost Of Improvements
  • 14 Gifts Tooele Agents Actually Want
  • Quick Fixes To Make Your Home Sell Faster
  • Houshold Items Dangerous To Your Dogs
  • Why You Should Have Sold Over The Holidays



20 Faces Every Real Estate Professional Will Recognize

Read between the lines to get some ideas of behaviors your agent thinks might make clients tough to work with.

9 Ways To Make A Tooele County Real Estate Agent Cry

More not so heavily disguised issues that might make your real estate agent get out the Kleenex or “crying towels” and think of you as a difficult client.

We would never think that, but some might!

Home Sellers: Appeal To First Time Buyers By Knowing What They’re Looking For In A Home

If you’er thinking of selling your Tooele house, this will help understand what buyers are looking for when searching for homes for sale in Tooele County.

January Expected To Be An Active Time For Homebuyers To Start Looking

Find out what trend is changing the status of the monthly calendar in terms of good months to list your house in Tooele County. Learn reasons why January is now a great time to list.

4 New Year’s Resolutions To Improve Your Home in Tooele

Write down these 4 simple inexpensive tips to make your home more salable or just livable. It’s not too late for making those new years commitments.

Many Tooele Utah Homeowners Miscalculate The Cost Of Home Renovation Projects

If you are considering upgrading or remodeling your property in Tooele, these will help with the decisions that will increase value and livability.

14 Things Tooele County Real Estate Agents Actually Want For Christmas

Save this till next year. Sorry we didn’t get to you in time for this year!

Selling Your Home? These Quick Fixes Will Appeal To Buyers—And Help You Sell Faster

More good ideas that Tooele County home buyers can do prior to listing.

Common Items In Your Home That Are Dangerous For Your Dog

For dog lovers primarily, but good info to keep all pets safe from normal products that might harm animals.

The Top Reasons To Sell Your Home During The Holidays

Copy this and save for next year. Attach to fridge so you don’t forget.


So there you have it.

I hope some of these tips have made you smile, and some of them caused the light bulb to go on above your head and say “WOW” .

Most of all, I hope they were helpful and you will link to my blog for more tips and info about the housing market in Tooele County.

When the time comes and you are ready to put some of these tidbits to work, You will remember where you got the information.

When you do, call me; Berna Sloan 435-840-5029. Just say, “I read the 10 articles about Tooele real estate from Berna Sloan” and I want to talk more.

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