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2019-09-24 11:02:58
Live in Tooele County Save $30,000
own a home in TooeleI love this headline! 'Live in Tooele County Save $30,000'.

It should get your attention, plus it's true. And it could be more. A lot more!

Would you move to Tooele County UT for $50,000 ? How about $30,000?

Would you drive an extra 10 minutes twice a day, 5 days a week for $100.00 a month? Two hundred dollars?What would it take, in dollars and cents (sense?) to consider looking at homes for sale in the

I came across an article posted last year in the daily Real Estate News about how far some home buyers were willing to drive to work each day to live where they could have the house that they wanted in a place they liked at a price they could afford.

I immediately thought of Tooele County, and how much less expensive it is to buy a home out here. Most of the other cities along the Wasatch Front are much more expensive.

House Listing Prices Salt Lake County vs. Tooele County

There are so many ways to compare home value that we wont even suggest that this is a scientific post. But it will get our point across. Which is, You can buy housing A LOT CHEAPER in Tooele County than just down the road in Salt Lake County. To prove that let's look at the cost per square foot of houses currently listed in each one.

Cost SQFT in Tooele Neighborhoods (average)

Tooele City          $124                            
Stansbury Park    $127
Grantsville UT      $118
Lake Point Utah    $125
Erda Utah            $128

Average List Price SQFT Salt Lake Cities

Herriman UT       $138
South Jordan      $157
Riverton UT        $156
Sandy UT           $170

Buyers Accept ‘Extreme Commutes’ for Affordability

Some buyers are willing to accept an “extreme commute”—a minimum of two hours each way between work and home—in return for the tranquility of the outer ’burbs, a larger property, and more land at a lower price than the city. As The New York Times puts it, these buyers are following an old real estate adage: “Drive until you qualify.”

“Technological changes have made it more possible to redefine the workplace,” says Mitchell L. Moss, director of the Rudin Center for Transportation at New York University. “Even in New York City, which has been famous for not allowing people to work at home, there is now more tolerance of flexible time.”

Data is sparse on how many people embark on an extreme commute. The U.S. Census Bureau, which defines a “long commute” as 60 miles each way, reported in 2013 that 21 percent of commuters spent 60 minutes or longer traveling to work. New York State, at about 16 percent, had the highest rate of long commuters, followed by Maryland and New Jersey, both at about 15 percent.

Meig Walz with Caldwell Banker in Madison, Conn., told the Times that she is seeing more extreme commuters from New York. Madison is about 15 minutes east of New Haven, Conn., and halfway between New York and Boston. It can take more than two hours each way.

“We are now getting more middle- and upper-level executives with young families looking for prime waterfront property,” Walz said. Buyers are purchasing four- and five-bedroom waterfront homes in Madison for about $2 million, which is half of what they would pay in Fairfield County. They also get lower taxes in Madison.

What Others Are Saying

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 The Washington region retained its position as home of the second-longest commute in the country, according to the Census Bureau's 2017 ...

The True Cost of Commuting | Mr. Money Mustache But this misconception about what is a reasonable commute is probably the biggest thing that is keeping most people in the US and Canada ...

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So, I hope you found this post a fountain of info about choices you have when figuring out where the best place to live is for you and your family.

If lifestyle is important you have more work to do and I am happy to help. I know Tooele County and have raised a pretty good sized family here. I would love to be one of the resources you consult with.

If it's all about the money, this post should whet your whistle. Feel free to use my website to begin searching for the ideal house.

Or give me a call, Berna Sloan 435-840-5029. Mention you want to talk about how to live in Tooele County and save $30,000 or more.

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