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2017-10-29 15:39:30
Real Estate in Tooele County Week # 43

Tooele County Real Estate infoBerna Sloans blog with the local take on real estate in Tooele County week # 43, had some very interesting articles last week. She posted tips for buying and selling, info about buying and selling houses and condos as well as suggestions to help do some business during the fall months.

Plus a small bit of self promotion!

Well, not really SELF promotion as I hijacked her blog so that I could tell the world about the awards banquet and how our wonder woman was the star of the show.

Since we use our posts and other media to inform our clients and gain the confidence of folks looking for the right agent, I didn't want modest to keep everyone from learning about her most recent accomplishment.

Tooele Realtor of the year ..... Again! Five of the last 7 years. What a run.

There were other things we hope you will find interesting and helpful.

Take a look at how price increases, and lack of inventory has made it necessary to be well prepared when you start your property search. If you see something you like, you need to JUMP!

She talked about the choices you are faced with when considering to buy a brand spanking new home in one of Tooeles new construction subdivisions, or to buy a house that has been owned by someone else. There are things to think about.

And then she touched on 4 reasons to sell your home this fall.

Here you go!

In case you missed them, these are things we were talking about in Tooele County last week. I hope they were helpful and either answered a question or caused you to think about what you were getting into when you start looking at homes to buy, or finding an agent to list your home.

You can have Bernas blog sent to your inbox so you will never miss a day of real estate news. Or you can continue to visit here from time to time. I'll try to keep you informed.

The bottom line is we want you to depend on us to tell you what's happening to the market in Tooele County week after week.  Then.... When you are ready to work with an agent, the choice is easy. Call Group1 Real Estate & Berna Sloan

You know who knows stuff!

Have more questions ? I'd call Berna 435-840-5029. 

Tell her you heard about her from Chris and read about her on Real Estate in Tooele County week # 43.


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