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2017-09-27 11:49:14
What About Upgrades In A New Grantsville UT Home

What about upgrades in a new Grantsville UT home? Wondered when you can select them? What is allowable? Who pays, how much?


One of the benefits of home building is the option to personalize amenities with upgrades. This may get complicated if not tracked diligently. The advice on selecting home building upgrades below in Grantsville Utah will help minimize any confusion.

What About Any Deadlines

New homes in Grantsville UT are constructed based on a certain timeline. Everything has a time frame and a particular sequence. The selection of upgrades must comply with that schedule. Be aware of the deadlines for finalizing decisions on particular upgrades. Deciding too late will make the upgrade impossible or increase the expense. For instance, the best time to install sound systems is before the drywall is added.

If your new home has been built in a subdivision on speculation (spec home) It may be that upgrades and changes may not be possible. Make sure your agent covers that with the contractor prior to making an offer, or includes any change you want in the offer to purchase.

Understand What Changes May Be Available

Most construction companies offer a specific list of permitted upgrades with a schedule or deadline that represents when during construction a particular upgrade will no longer be possible. Many will grant additional requests on top of the list. You should provide very specific details on changes to obtain a price. Changes outside of the standard list can make your property stand out, but can be costly if not requested in a timely manner.

Write All Upgrades Down

What about upgrades in a new Grantsville UT home  when it comes to documentation? When selecting upgrades, be sure to document it. This helps all parties stay informed and will protect your interests. Be as detailed as possible in your notation of the upgrade. For example, if you want a certain manufacturer or finish, provide that in the write-up.

Make sure that the documentation includes a firm price and you have a signed copy by an authorized representative of the builder. (some builder agents are not authorized to make changes).

Tell Lender About Upgrades To New Grantsville Home

If financing the property, you might wish to roll the value of upgrades into your mortgage. First of all, look into if that is allowed because it will change your purchase price and loan value. Some builders ask that you submit payment for upgrades up-front, but it could be considered as another deposit when estimating cash required at closing. All alterations to your mortgage must be reviewed and approved by the mortgage company before the loan is approved, so it is best to notify them early in the process. Late modifications will postpone the settlement timeframe.

More Tips On Selecting Home Building Upgrades

As with any part of the home buying process, paperwork and time frames are especially critical when it comes to new construction. Working with a good real estate broker and lender will make quite a difference. Good communication between all parties involved will reduce the stress and confusion.

I'd like to apply for the job of being your agent for new construction in Tooele County, or any other town in Tooele County. I have a lot of experience with new home construction and am a local full time agent. Call me 435-840-5029.

Or you can read my bio @ about Berna on my local website.

You can also read other tips and articles about new homes in Tooele on my Blog. You'll see i've written more than what about upgrades in a new Grantsville UT home.

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