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2017-04-22 09:32:18
Week #16 in Tooele County Real Estate

Tooele County Real Estate Last Week #16

Find out what’s happening in Tooele Real Estate

Lots of good stuff about Tooele County Real Estate last week.; #16.

Berna posted some very good information. With the help of her freinds @ Keeping Current Matters she was able to bring her readers info on a lot of topics that are of interest to current Tooele home owners and those folks looking at our county as a possible great place to live.

Her article on Buying now or later talks about building equity (wealth) and suggests that there is no time like the present. She follows that up with tips on new construction homes in Stansbury Park, and buying luxury homes in the county. (if you can believe we have such a thing).

For the family that is transferring out of Tooele or needs to downsize, the info on 5 reasons to sell should be of help.


Buy a Home Now or Later in Tooele UT

The question is. should you buy a home now or later in Tooele UT? You know you believe in home ownership. You understand that owning your own house the easiest and best way to build wealth, and you certainly understand [Read More]

5 Reasons To Sell Your Tooele Home

5 reasons to sell your Tooele UT home. The message to Bernas Tooele Utah followers was highlighted with the 5 reasons to sell your house or condominium. Berna posted this information on her Face Book page a few months ago, and [Read More]

New Home Construction in Stansbury Park UT is on Fire

New home construction in Stansbury Park UT is on fire, last week 3 new homes in the area were listed for sale on the MLS and this morning only one is still available. This is partly due to the lack [Read More]

Look in Tooele UT If You Want a Luxury Home

  Look in Tooele UT if you want a luxury home. Assuming we can agree on what constitutes a luxury home, I think you can find every thing your looking for out here. or……you could  have one built in Tooele [Read More]

Week #16 was a good one I think for our followers. If your new to our Tooele Real Estate blog I hope you will stay with us. If you have an agent we hope that our posts will help you ask the right questions before you buy or sell your Tooele property. If you don’t have someone representing you, we think you need one. We’d like to apply for the job.

We have had a ton of Real Estate experience and the combined 40 plus years have been right here in Tooele County.

Were as local as the 4th of July day parade down main street. You can see what we have done by checking out our Group1 real estate page on our website.

Then……..Give us a call Chris or Berna Sloan 435-840-5029.

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