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2016-07-10 06:40:54
Building a New Home in Tooele UT


new home being builtThinking about building a new home in Tooele UT?

Constructing a custom home or a spec home from a local builder, is an exciting process. There are a multitude of things for you to think about, which may be somewhat overwhelming. The new construction advice for Tooele UT below will help minimize the stress.

New Construction Advice For Tooele UT

1. Understand the Costs

Your budget will require you to make difficult decisions. It is natural to want all the features that you have ever dreamed of, but it is also important to remember that all things come with a price tag. Prioritize your list into required and bonus items. Once you know the total for the must-have list, you can then start to pull from the nice-to-have items until you reach the maximum budget. Keep in mind that there may be additional costs as well, so your budget should have a buffer just to be safe. One good excersize is to evaluate new homes in various price ranges that are currently listed so I can get a feel for what features I can expect to be standard at a certain price. Check these out

2. Communication and Documentation

It is important that you and the builder understand each other. A lot goes on in the planning and building process. This can make it a challenge to keep things straight. Be sure to keep the lines of communication open with the builder and document as much as possible. If you verbally discuss anything, follow-up with it in writing to ensure that what you recall is correct.

This is where I generally recommend that early in the process you allign with an experienced local real estate agent. Not only do you have someone else documenting your transaction, but you have someone watching your back, that by law has your best interest at heart.

3. Work Together

Delays and issues may occur with any building project. In some cases, you both will need to compromise to fix an issue. Maintain good rapport with the builder and try to understand the cause and possible solutions. By taking a professional approach and working jointly towards a solution, the construction of your custom property will move along more smoothly.

Once again, a new home agent working for you can help with problem solving and guarantee that the solution is not always favoring the contractor.

Improving the New Construction Process

The process of new construction is not really an easy one, but it need not be an extremely stressful one either. Start with a practical understanding of what you can afford given your budget. Maintain accurate documentation and open communication with the builder prior to and during the building phrases. Lastly, try to be understanding and work with your builder thru an agent to address issues. Ultimately, you want a property that you love and the builder wants a quality property to showcase. Keeping the above suggestions in mind will help you both achieve your goals and make the experience a less stressful one. The new construction advice for Tooele UT above are just a few of many different tips available. Subscribe to this blog for future tips on new construction.

If you are not working with an agent, I'd like to be considered for the job. I have years of experience and have helped hundreds of new home buyers build a home where no one else has lived. I'd like to help you with building a new home in Tooele UT. Call me : Chris Sloan 435-840-5030.


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