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2014-03-23 05:14:42
Listing info From Tooele UT by Berna

Read about listing info from Tooele UT by Berna.

I saw a lot of listing information coming from Bernas Blog this week. I'm going to share with you in case you missed it. It looks to me like she is making a case for listing your house and helping find the newest listing in cities throughout the County. As i read her posts, three things come to mind.

  1. If you are thinking of selling your home in Tooele, you need an agent.
  2. That agent should be local. ( should be Berna)
  3. There are far fewer foreclosures and bank owned properties listed now than last year at this time.

Re/ getting an agent: I think Berna makes some compelling points here. The biggest one has to do with pricing. Price under market, and while your house will sell faster, you leave a lot of your money on the table. Price the home higher than its worth, and it doesn't sell. You keep paying mortgage payments and soon all you get are 'bottom feeder' offers if any at all. Berna talks home values every day. She knows what price your home should sell for, and she has the tools to let potential buyers and their agents know about it.

Lastely the market is shifting. Values of Tooele houses are climbing back, and the number of 'great buys' you could get from banks on foreclosed homes in Tooele is dwindeling. The best buys are going quickly, so you need your pre approvals in hand ready to go and have you set up on some sort of automatic notification system that knows what kind of home in what price range you want to live, and will email that info to you whenever a home is listed that meets your needs. AUTOMATICALLY! Berna knows how to set you up on that kind of system. FREE!

Here is the listing info from Tooele UT by Berna this week.



I hope that you find this recap of listing info from Tooele UT by Berna helpful. If you are thinking of listing your house or buying a home or condo in Tooele County, you will give her a call. Berna 435-840-5029.

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