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2015-05-02 07:08:00
Tooele UT Mortgage Payments


Components Of Tooele UT Mortgage Payments

It is important to find out components of Tooele UT recurring mortgage payments to properly estimate home ownership expenses. The acronym PITI is commonly used to remember the components, which are principal, interest, taxes, and insurance. All loan payments do not necessarily include each of these. It will differ based on your specific mortgage.

Components Of Recurring Mortgage Payments

Paying Down Principal

Principal is the balance of the mortgage. For a typical loan, a portion of your monthly payment is allocated towards lowering the principal, although there can be exceptions. In the first few years of paying a loan, only a small portion of the payment actually goes towards principal, but this improves over time.


Interest is the amount billed by lenders for use of money they lend. The interest rate is generally a yearly figure but charged in monthly increments according to the balance of the loan. Depending on your type of loan, the rate can remain the same for the entire life of the loan or it can change at specific time frames.

Municipal Taxes

Taxes are levied by Tooele UT according to the assessed value of a property. The amounts are quoted annually but often due quarterly or twice a year. Overdue taxes will be a lien and take priority over mortgage liens. Many mortgage companies will, therefore, ask homeowners to set aside funds into an escrow account to guarantee that there are sufficient funds for the bills when they are due. Funds are collected monthly by the lender as part of the regular monthly payment. The bank then pays the taxes directly rather than relying on the homeowner to do so. It is a means of protecting their investment.


There are two types of insurance for a mortgage. Hazard is commonly a requirement and mortgage insurance varies based on the specific loan. Both may be included in monthly mortgage payments.

Hazard insurance covers hazards such as fire. Lenders require this insurance since the home is collateral on the loan. Insurance premiums are payable yearly and most will want monthly contributions into escrow (similar to property tax). They will then submit payments to the insurance company directly to make sure the policy remains active.

Mortgage insurance is common on mortgages with low down payments. It protects the lender against losses. Lenders expect that they will not recover the full amount owed to them if the home forecloses, so the mortgage insurance covers some of that. Even though it protects the lender, the homeowner can be responsible for the premiums.

Knowing Tooele UT Recurring Mortgage Payments

Not all mortgages are structured the same and as a result not all Tooele UT recurring mortgage payments will contain all of the components above. There can also be other monthly charges such as condo fees, which are not collected by mortgage companies but are a significant factor in calculating total monthly home cost. Keep in mind that exact amounts are based on a specific property and interest rate, so any preliminary figures are likely to change.For an estimate of your possible mortgage payments, contact , Chris Sloan at Group1 Real Estate at 801-567-0946 or chrisgroup1@msn.com to be referred to a local lender.

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