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2013-07-21 10:44:00
Tips on Buying a Tooele Home

I'm going to republish a post i picked up this morning on Bernas blog. She wrote it for first time home buyers, but the post is really about tips on buying a Tooele home that can help anyone looking at buying a house or condo anywhere.

When i read it i was reminded about how important it is to select the right Real Estate agent to work with.

Actually partner with.

Bacause, done properly, buying a house using the right agent really is a partnership. You as a home buyer have a responsibility, and your agent has a responsibility. ( much of which is law.)

Berna has pointed out many of these in this article, but since she doesn't like to blow her own horn she may have been a little soft on how most of these tips should be handled if she was the REALTOR partner. Selecting the right lender, title officer, or home inspection company would be a piece of cake if she was helping you buy a Tooele house.

Berna handles about 4 transactions a month. Month in month out. That means she experiences the strengths as well as the flat spots on about 50 lenders a year. She knows who you can count on to show up at closing with your funds to close. Plus she remembers who has given her clients the fair price on todays sophisticated mortgage products. It also means she knows what title officer will be personally reviewing documents to see that there are no last minute hiccups that could damage settlement.

Berna over the last 3 years has reviewed probably 100 inspections and knows who gives the job the importance it requires. Also in 20 years she knows what inspectors have missed critical items that have turned up later on. Who can count the number of times during her 20 year Real Estate career in Tooele County that Berna has helped clients manage and enjoy the most significant investment of their life?

Bottom line is, if you are buying a home in Tooele County, you don't need tips, you need Berna.

There i've had my say. Now here are her tips on buying a Tooele home.

11 Tooele UT Real Estate Tips For First Time Buyers

11 Tooele UT Real Estate Tips For First Time Home Buyers

If you are a first time home buyer, getting your first home is one of the most exciting things you will ever do. If you have spent years living in apartments, you know that there is nothing more satisfying than owning your own property.

The process can be a little lengthy especially if you are looking at short sales in Tooele UT. You might hit a few bumps in the road to home ownership, but this post might be of help. 

The following tips will help the first time Tooele homebuyer avoid some of the hiccups.

  1. Step one is to talk to a real estate agent about the home buying process. It should not be a sales meeting and you should be able to find an agent that will agree to meet with you about the basics without having to sign a sales agreement with them. If you cannot find a good agent to talk to, you might want to consider talking to a loan officer at your bank or a mortgage broker. We would love to spend some time with talking about what our 20 years of experience in Tooele Real Estate has taught us about the business and about the market. Or visit our website www.tooelehomesforsale.com.
  2. An equally important tip is to get your finances in order before you apply for a mortgage. Order a copy of your credit report so you can check it for accuracy. Mistakes are common and you want to make sure that there is no fraudulent activity. You have the right to dispute errors on your credit report. If you come across something that you know is an error, circle it and send it to the reporting agency along with a letter of dispute. If you don't know how to get a FREE copy of your credit report, give me a call; Berna @ 435-840-5029
  3. Next, you should really study the mortgage industry. You need to be able to find the right loan and lender most suitable for your needs. Familiarize yourself with industry terms like debt to income ratio and adjustable rate mortgage. Learn the difference between pre-approval and pre-qualified. It will all seem foreign at first, but taking the time to learn about home mortgages will spare you from headaches in the future. If you don't have the time to do that, call me, I can help.
  4. .Also, you need to figure out what your wants and needs are. What kinds of amenities are you looking for? How many bedrooms? One story or two story home? You also need to consider the size of the down payment and figure out what you need to do to come up with the money for it. Keep in mind that Tooele County is still one of the few places in Utah where you can buy a house with no money down, with the Rural Housing Loan.
  5. You should learn about how real estate agents work. There are buyers agents and sellers agents. A buyers agents responsibility is to negotiate the best deal for the buyer. The goal of the sellers agent is to get the price that the seller most desires. The best way to find the right agent is to ask your friends for suggestions. They have all probably been in the same boat, so they can probably recommend a good real estate agent. I would like to throw my hat in the ring as well. No one has more experience or knows Tooele Real Estate than our team here @ Group1 Real Estate. If you are a buyer, check us out. If you want your house sold, See how we would sell your house.
  6. When meeting with a potential agent, pay attention to how they treat you. Make sure they listen to you when you talk about what you want. Also, do they really know The market in Tooele, do they know where to find the best buys, are they full time, are they registered with HUD, how are their follow up skills? Do they take the time to return your calls or emails? If they do not take the time to respond, move on. There is a better agent out there for you. I could be that agent.
  7. When looking for a home, consider all of the possibilities. Look up real estate agents websites see what they offer and how you can search for all of the tooele homes listed for sale. (we have 4 with good placement and free IDX)  Do not rule out For Sale by Owner Properties and foreclosed homes. Housing and Urban Development (HUD) homes can often be found for very reasonable prices. You do need to find an agent that is approved to sell HUD homes if you choose to take that road to home ownership.
  8. Before you even think about making an offer, you need to consider the resale value. You might plan on being there for a long time, but you just never know. You might opt for a different climate to alleviate your allergies or you could simply be transferred by your company. You want to pick a good location that will be attractive to others as well. Local agents know the history of housing sale by neighborhood. Hire a local agent.
  9. Another issue that cannot be ignored are the deed restrictions, which govern what you can and cannot do with the property. If it has always been your dream to have a pool, you want to make sure that you do not buy a home in a subdivision that will not allow it because of deed restrictions. A local agent can and should know important restrictions & rules in various parts of the County.
  10. Home inspections are an important part of the equation. Talk to your agent to find out when the inspection will be performed. It varies state to state. Sometimes the inspection will be right before the contract is signed and other times, they are performed right after an offer is made. We know a number of reputable inspectors familiar with Tooele houses, let me know if you want to talk with one.
  11. Finally, make sure you stay on top of things. Any number of problems can crop up at the last minute and delay the purchase of your home. If you are not sure about something with the paperwork, do not be afraid to ask questions of your agent, your lender or your title officer. You might think of something that everyone else has overlooked.

Purchasing a home is a time consuming and sometimes frustrating task, but it is worth it when you have your backyard barbeque's and family gatherings in your new Tooele home.

BUT  !!!!!!!

With the right agent it can take up less of your time and should be less frustrating... In fact easy peasy!

If you want to discuss any or all of the 11 Tooele UT Real Estate tips for first time home buyers give me a call 435-840-5029.



Published Monday, June 17, 2013 3:21 PM by Berna Sloan




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